NO2ID Edinburgh

NO2ID Edinburgh is one of the many local groups across the UK campaigning against the introduction of compulsory national identity registration and the setting up of a database state.

We are a single-issue campaign group committed to legal, peaceful campaigning. We are part of the national NO2ID campaign and not aligned with any political party.

Next meeting

No group meetings are planned for the immediate future but you can meet our members and discuss matters with them at our Princes Street stall every Saturday.

Scottish 'bus pass' scandal – ID cards through the back door

Winston Smith's national entitlement card


We hold meetings at the Quaker Meeting House on Victoria Terrace

We now hold meetings typically once or twice a year

Street stall

Our volunteers campaign every Saturday

Every Saturday on Princes Street

Campaign Activities

One-off protests against the national identity register

Our memorable battles against ID cards and the database state

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